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ECVET in Erasmus+: recruiting for new ECVET Experts

The UK National Agency for Erasmus+ is recruiting for a new team of ECVET Experts to support ECVET implementation in the UK as part of the Erasmus+ programme.

The team of experts was initially formed for a dedicated two-year project running from 2012-2014.  As the ECVET National Contact Point for England, UK NARIC has had two experts on the team throughout to project, and will continue to be a part of the ECVET Experts team going forward.

ECVET activities will form part of the Erasmus+ work plan for the UK National Agency and, with the original project having concluded, the agency is now recruiting in order to appoint the next group of Experts to take forward this work.

If you have relevant experience in the areas of VET in the UK, European VET initiatives or ECVET specifically, you can apply to join the team for an initial 21-month period until December 2015.  Please visit the Erasmus+ website to apply.

The application deadline is 5pm on Friday 4th April 2014.

31/03/2014 14:37:00
European Agenda for VET

On 24-25 October the National Contact Point for ECVET (England) attended a conference dedicated to the European initiatives in the area of vocational education and training. The event specifically focused around the European Credit Transfer System for VET (ECVET), taking stock of the progress made so far and setting the priorities for the future.

In his opening address Mr. Xavier Prats Monné, Deputy Director-General for Education and Culture at the European Commission, confirmed the continued commitment of the European Commission to develop and harmonise vocational education and training across Europe.

We are facing several major challenges in the area of VET.  Firstly, simultaneous co-existence of high youth unemployment and unfilled work places demonstrates the remaining gap between the offer of vocational colleges and the needs of the labour market. Secondly, vast discrepancies in standards and quality of VET provision across Europe continue to create obstacles for mobility of qualified professionals.  In order to solve these problems, the EC aspires to launch a single European Area of Skills and Qualifications with commonly-accepted credit transfer system (ECVET) at the heart of it.

During the past few years significant progress has been made, with a number of VET stakeholders across the EU joining their efforts to experiment and develop solutions for ECVET implementation. The conference provided an opportunity for three different EC-funded initiatives (Pilot Projects, ECVET Experts and NetECVET) to get together, share their conclusions and put forward suggestions for future steps.

We are looking forward to the next generation of ECVET initiatives and will aspire to remain actively involved in the development of this exciting translation tool between the VET systems in Europe. If you would like to learn more about ECVET, or explore opportunities for using this tool, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at

To learn more about the conference and view the presentations of the speakers, please use this link.

04/11/2013 11:17:00
Have you requested help from an ECVET Expert?

The ECVET Experts project delivers free help and resources to VET practitioners on ECVET to help your learners get the credit they deserve for their learning.

The team provides training and support to raise awareness and promote the benefits of ECVET.

You can request a FREE visit from an Expert in your area to learn more about ECVET, how it can help learners, and whether it can be incorporated into current or planned projects or mobility periods.

Why not start your ECVET journey today by e-mailing

You can download the Expert support request form at

06/09/2013 12:13:00
Developing ECVET in Practice (DECViP) Project Website Launched

A website dedicated to the DECViP project has been launched.

The website provides information on the Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation project which the ECVET NCP for England is leading on. The project aims to test ECVET principles within the context of sharing innovative practice between partner countries - Austria, Finland and the UK. The project aims to develop a Practical Guide for ECVET, as well as test recently developed tools like the Memorandum of Understanding and the Learning Agreement.

The website provides an outline of the activities that will be undertaken during the 2 years of the project (October 2012 – September 2014). There is also contextual information on DECViP, latest project news, and details of the project partners.

The website is available at:

12/06/2013 16:23:00
ECVET Experts project

ECVET Experts project is gaining momentum as more and more VET practitioners across the UK take advantage of free help and resources made available by the project.

Dedicated ECVET Experts from each of the four countries in the UK provide training and support to raise awareness and promote the benefits of ECVET. They will help you to understand the principles of ECVET and apply them to your own mobility projects.  

Why not start your ECVET journey today by e-mailing

To find out more, visit ECVET Experts website or take a look at the latest version of ECVET Guidance Note complete with case studies and a step-by-step checklist.

30/04/2013 12:30:00